Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Garter Gang - Knit big for Clarence Jazz Festival

Rosny Farm have offered a great opportunity for the  Garter Gang to knit up a jazz inspired piano! The piano will be the center of attention at the Clarence Jazz Festival from 17th -24 of February.

 The Project in progress:
 Step 1: Purchase an old upright piano and stool.

 Step 2: Search for inspiration: 1940's and 50's jazz album covers

Step 3:The colour palette. We chose 8 colours for our piano. Mix and match patterns and designs. Take a vote...and the winner is number 8!

Yarn just dyed, hanging out to dry.
Dried yarn rolled into beautiful balls of colour!

 Step 5: Maths. After measuring the entire piano, breaking it down into panels,  calculating our gauges and allocating who wants to knit what, we start knitting!

Step 6: Start knitting and stitching, Back panel finished!

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  1. Oh my goodness you girls are so clever Can't wait to see the finished piano