Knit graffiti...huh?

We have found the response to our public knitted works is overwhelmingly positive. People love to stop and chat while we’re installing it and sometimes we sneakily sit by to watch people admire it once it’s done. But occasionally we do get asked “why?”.

Knitted graffiti, also known as yarn bombing or guerrilla knitting, is done for lots of different reasons. It can be politically driven, as in the case of these protesting feminists, an artistic endeavour, like this big pink bull, or done just for fun. We do it for all three of these reasons.

We do understand that knitted graffiti is not to everyone’s tastes, but we hope that you recognise the many hours of work involved and can be assuaged by this other fact – unlike other forms of graffiti it can be removed very easily!

Yes it’s silly, but it also makes a lot of people smile, which we think is a pretty good reason for doing it.

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