Saturday, August 25, 2012

Yarn Bombing Rosny, 24th August, St.Art Festival

After many months of click-clacking away the Garter Gang converged on Rosny to adorn the bus mall in pink, purple and green. Initially some askance glances were cast. We may have looked like we were up to no good (as some are wont to do in the bus mall). But expressions of surprise and delight quickly followed when passers-by realised what we were up to. Teetering tots, teenagers, men in suits and grandpas, it seems pretty much everyone likes to see a bit of knitting gone feral.

A little further down the road we stopped for a couple of hours to sew on some stripey railcovers. It was an odd twisty workout and we had sore backs the next day. (Note to aspiring yarn-bombers: stretch before seaming). Only one visit from a wanna-be cop, who was swiftly dispatched. And one self proclaimed 'wowser' who thought we were wasting our time because "vandals would be onto it the moment we lay down our needles" (I may be making that quote up but you get the idea). Ironically it was the council who caused it to be removed first. But all is not lost, in the spirit of re-use and recycle these stripey babies will appear somewhere else in future. Watch this space.

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